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Title: Can you navigate by the Sun? Test your skills!

You likely know a few navigation tricks. But are you prepared for the following scenarios?

  • You're driving from a regional emergency, your sat-nav has frozen up (as they sometimes do), and you need to re-orientate yourself at an unfamiliar junction. How quickly could you do it? You cannot use a compass, or even a watch, as your hands are occupied with driving. If you need more than three seconds, you're too slow.

  • You're lost among hills and mountains, and you've lost all navigation equipment. Could you reorientate yourself?

  • You're in a dangerous third world city. Travellers from there have told you - the moment you leave the airport, you take on the air of one who knows exactly where they're going, and head straight on without messing around. But you're disorientated. Bear in mind that staring at a mobile phone or a watch in your hands - both of these are distractions, and both are objects sought after by street theives. Can you reorientate yourself quickly with neither of these items?

  • You're in damp tropical forest, a.k.a. jungle, but you know an old navigation trick with a watch, and you have one with you. The trouble is - are you sure the technique will work in your circumstances? How could you tell? (I guarantee you do not know the answer to this question.)

  • You're in forest, you've no watch, no compass, no mobile, and have no idea what the time is. You don't even have a stick! Can you reorientate yourself?

The solutions to all of these scenarios and more are in the new downloadable book "Solar Compass". This covers old methods and new. It shows how to get the best results possible from all of these, and presents completely new research, giving a precise understanding of how each method performs under different circumstances. The new methods are for navigating with zero equipment - not even a watch or stick. Some of them are totally counter-intuitive, some might say "weird".

Navigation is a fundamental life-skill. Be an expert. Get this book.