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If you have a relevant list of contacts you can reach to promote any item for sale on this website, would you like to be rewarded for doing so? I offer generous terms to any who do so.

How it works

First you contact support and make an initial enquiry about this.

Then, if it makes sense, we (Oak EBooks Ltd.) create a unique link for you and the item you're promoting, so that sales you generate will be tracked back to you.

Then, you share this link with your list of contacts. Important: this must not be "spam". You must have permission to send such a promotion to your list, and you must declare in your message to them that you will earn a commission for sales generated through your message.

If someone follows the link you shared and purchases within 60 days of that, you will earn a percentage of that sale, currently 40%.

Customers are protected by a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Once this period has elapsed, and the amount due is above a minimum threshold, payments will be made to affiliates. For full details, please contact support.