The Case Against Vaccination, 1896


The Case Against Vaccination

If you want to understand the present, look to the past. The same themes repeat endlessly.

Since the COVID crisis, vaccination, compulsory vaccination, and various forms of coercion into vaccination - such as exclusion from higher education, work, travel, etc. - have been debated, and to some extent enforced. Plans for vaccine passports have been quietly agreed to at the G20 meeting, on Nov. 18, 2022.

But do you, like the formulators of the Nuremberg Code, value your right as an individual to make an informed choice, free from compulsion or coercion, about what experimental medicines are put into your body?

The debate about vaccines, however, goes much further back. The vaccine industry's fall-back argument, which we still hear, is that it "eradicated small-pox," indeed small-pox is the only disease for which this claim is made. However, is this claim true?

Small-pox vaccination became mandatory in England in 1853. The people saw the harm before their own eyes; the situation led to protests and even riots. In 1885, 100,000 gathered in Leicester to protest against compulsory vaccination, leading to a "cease-fire" of sorts.

A photo of Dr Hadwen, seated, wearing a suit and hat, and sporting a large moustache

Dr. Walter Hadwen

In 1896, there was pressure to recommence prosecutions under the Compulsory Vaccination Act. In Gloucester, a firebrand speaker was billed to give a speech on the subject. He had already built up a reputation through the press. On the appointed day, the hall was packed out, and many failed to gain entrance. The speaker, Dr. Hadwen, knew the science involved - and the lack of it. He showed the superstitious origins of vaccination, and revealed the charlatanry of its inventor, Edward Jenner: his false credentials, deadly experiments, superstitious beliefs, ever shifting promises, and his studious omission of inconvenient facts.

Then Hadwen exposed the truth of a century of small-pox vaccination. How the scientific arguments contradicted each other and fell apart; how experience showed the futility of vaccination; how statistics were faked - like today - to create a false impression of effectiveness; proof that vaccination spread other diseases like syphilis; and what really lay behind the eventual decline in small-pox.

This speech is an essential part of vaccine history. The speech and the audience's responses were recorded in writing and published in 1896.

The speech forcefully and unapologetically argues the case against vaccination, as it existed in 1896. There are many parallels with the situation we are currently emerging from, showing that mankind has not learned very much in the last 120-plus years.

I have turned this written speech into an audiobook, to bring the words to life once more, and help it reach a wider audience in a convenient format. This is read in a natural English accent, and is the first time this speech has ever been available as an audio-recording. The running time is 1h 37m. I would like to offer this to you! It's a thundering blitz of history, watertight arguments, human stories, and rousing polemic.

I recommend this to people on all sides of the vaccine debate.

Opponents of forced vaccination - or "anti-vaccinists" as they then proudly called themselves - will want its information to add to their knowledge, and make them stronger debaters - which are needed in the fight for health freedom.

To pro-vaccinists - IF you are sincere in adhering to the scientific method, you will also want to hear this, because real science is not a collection of dogmas, but a method, and a process, involving objective investigation of the facts, not reliance on supposed authorities. This requires, at minimum, always being open to hearing both sides of a debate.

And to those who are on the fence - I respect your open-mindedness, and offer you the other side of the debate.

We hear the pro-vaccinist view every time we see the subject raised in corporate or state media news, documentaries, or even drama. There is no shortage of propaganda on that side. If you are open to hearing the other side of the debate, in a historical context, here is one of the great speeches on the subject, and I recommend you hear it.

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