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The Case Against Vaccination, 1896


The Case Against Vaccination

The linchpin for the vaccination industry is the claim that vaccines eradicated smallpox - indeed, this is the only disease for which this claim is made. But is it true?

We learned in school that vaccines, discovered by Jenner, eradicated smallpox. But we were not taught critical facts and a mountain of evidence that runs counter to that narrative. Nobody can judge a case truly without knowing both sides. You've heard the case for vaccination all of your life. Now hear the other side.

Join me as we step into the past. The year is 1896. Smallpox has been a terror for the last 200 years, killing one in six cases. Compulsory vaccination had been in force for decades. But the awful side effects and deaths caused by vaccination itself could no longer be covered up. And in 1871 a terrible epidemic ripped through highly vaccinated populations in Europe. Resistance to compulsory vaccination grew to a fever pitch.

A photo of Dr Hadwen, seated, wearing a suit and hat, and sporting a large moustache

Dr. Walter Hadwen

Then in 1896 a certain Dr Hadwen was billed to speak in the assembly rooms of Gloucester, England, where Jenner had lived. As a medical doctor, Hadwen knew the science and history of vaccination, and as a former preacher, he had honed a formidable talent for public speaking. He had built up a reputation in the press, and on the appointed day, the assembly rooms were packed out, with many failing to gain admittance.

In his speech, Dr Hadwen gave a robust challenge to his chief medical opponent, a rapid history of vaccination, the proofs, and the human stories. In this speech you will discover:

  • the tragic story of the first vaccine death - at the hands of Jenner himself;
  • irrefutable proof that the vaccines caused much suffering, and many deaths;
  • proof that the sacrifice people made was in vain, as the vaccines failed to offer protection;
  • how statistics were fudged in order to cover up the failures;
  • Jenner's bizarre, and superstitious "cure" for rabies;
  • the woman who made fools of all the leading doctors of the time;
  • what really led to the disappearance of smallpox;
  • and much more.

Dr Hadwen's speech was so eloquent, and so moving, it earned him raucous applause. The text of his speech, and the audience's enthusiastic responses, were recorded verbatim, and kept in print for decades afterwards, demonstrating how popular, and influential this speech was.

Two years after the speech was given, a new vaccine law was passed in England, adding a conscience clause, theoretically exempting parents from vaccinating their children if they firmly believed in its folly. This was the first step towards the complete repeal of compulsory vaccination.

This is a fantastic, moving, informative, and entertaining speech on health, social history, and science, and highly relevant to today's debates.

I have taken the written record of the speech, and made an audiobook of it, to breathe life - and fire - back into the written word. For the first time since 1896, you can hear the speech, not merely read it.

Immerse yourself in the history, and be the first in your community to know the other side of the story . . .

The modern vaccination industry still rests on its claims regarding smallpox. Once you've heard this speech, you'll see the truth about the origins of the vaccine industry, and when the next pandemic comes around, you'll recognize the same tricks in use, because they are more or less repeated, every time.

You'll also be entertained, amused, inspired and informed on a fascinating period of history.


As I'm sure you're aware, the vaccine lobby has a lot of power. As I record this, Dr Mercola has recently been debanked, as have many more who are unknown and outside of the media spotlight. I am taking a risk in offering this, and it's entirely possible that I get closed down too. So if you want this, I urge you to get this right now.

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